KBC masters the entire value chain: from creation to design, from design to selection of materials, from printing to delivery. Each phase is given special attention and is adapted to the specific demands of the markets and the expectations of its customers. The talent of the teams, their international perspective and their high level of responsiveness make KBC more than a supplier, a true partner.

the best of

Integrated into the Imprima group since 2017, KBC draws on the synergies of European know-how in its excellence: the best of the Germanic tradition textile expertise in Lorräch and the Italian production expertise in Como.
Printing is more than a business, it’s a way of living fashion.

quality and design

Material matters! The drawing and material are closely linked in their interactions. KBC’s creative teams focus on imagining the final product in all its dimensions. Visual impact, touch, emotion bring a unique dimension to each collection.
Fashion is based on desire. It propers with changes. But it remains in memory only if she has a soul.