Exhibition Archives

Insight in tradition and history of KBC

Our new exhibition archive is situated on our 87,000 m² company premises. It is in close proximity to both the administration and production departments. The exhibition archive gives visitors an insight into the long history of the company. Being more than 200 years old some of the archive patterns of KBC have a historic character.


Source of inspiration
More than one million drafts, drawings and designs from different eras – Biedermeier, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Flower Power and the 80s – stimulate creativity and ideas immediately. The well-sorted inventory of the exhibition archive allows for quick access to historical, high-quality sample material. This unique source of inspiration is put exclusively at KBC-customer’s disposal.


Realizing ideas
A spacious work area and an attractive lounge in the exhibition archive, allow our customers to get inspired and to develop ideas.


Quick Response
Once you have found your favourites in this historic treasure-trove, the original references can be photographed in our exhibition archive and transmitted to the collection department immediately. Historic patterns can be interpreted in a new way, within a very short period of time.Afterwards, modern inkjet printing machines will make all the design dreams come true.