Technical fabrics

Sailcloth – KBC is sailing on top of the world

Since 1974 KBC is finishing high-performance sails and is “sailing” on top of the world.



The sailcloth department is the second mainstay of KBC. Sailcloths are equipped here with the required properties.

In the sailcloth department, it is especially important to know the later field of use of the material in order to produce a sail for the customers, which is suitable for its purposes. There are laminates, spinnakers and sails fitted, their processing can look very different. Dyeing, finishing, impregnation and coating of the goods are daily business and must be specially adapted for each job. Boat size and length also play a role.

The grammage of sailcloth can very between 28-650 g/m², which shows how diverse and individually this work is. In order to guarantee the quality requirements, the department has its own test laboratory.

In Europe, KBC is the market leader in the sailcloth area.

Not the wind, but the sail sets the direction.

Katja Schmitt