Rotary Print

Rotary print – a classic printing technology, still up to date


The printing process is accomplished in the rotary printing with the help of templates (screen rollers).The complete set color is pumped into the template and brought to the textile by means of a squeegee through the microporous openings of the stencil. A mask is required for each color. On our modern rotary printing machines up to 19 colors can be printed per design. The printing paste is prepared in a fully automatic preparation station.

With our 4 rotary machines, we are capable of up to 50,000 meters, depending on the design to print per day. For highly fashionable products, such as discharge printing, tinsel, foil, foam pressure or burnout rotary printing is indispensable.

We print cellulosic products and mixtures thereof, polyester, silk, nylon and wool.

Sales Contacts:

Alberto Veralli
(Italy, Spain, Portugal)

Peter Vögtlin
(USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Turkey, Middle East, Switzerland, Austria)

Thomas Kubicki

Caroline Hartmann
(Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany)

Véronique Cohen

Rene Gassner
(Poland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Belarus, Korea, Singapore, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece)

Contacts Inkjet / Rotation / Production:

Johannes-Peter Horn
Dipl. Ing.