Inkjet Print

Inkjet Print – Creativity without limits

The inkjet printing method is applied in the KBC since 1990. Therefore we have great experience in creativity, preparation of designs and in production.


The data are prepared on the screen and will be send directly to the printer, so that the printing process can start immediately.

The printheads our modern inkjet printers are composed of up to 16 printheads, each printhead prints one color. One printhead consists of about 2500 nozzles. One nozzle injects approximately 10,000 droplets per second, the diameter of the droplets is many times thinner than a human hair (4 – 16 picoliter). Unlike all other types of printing, the ink is created directly on the fabric by adding the individual colors. The repeat length can be theoretically infinitely long. Practically no limits when coloring.

With the current mechanical equipment, KBC can print up to 40,000 meters Inkjet daily. This cotton, viscose, linen and silk, and mixtures thereof is printed with reactive dyes. For polyester fabric, selected disperse dyes are available.

The inkjet technology is very creative and stands out from other textile printing processes; not only in terms of ecology. The required color only reaches the textile. Also there is no ink residue and no mask.



Sales Contacts:

Vanessa Ettrich
(United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Japan, Belarus, Korea, Singapore, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Greece)

Peter Vögtlin
(USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Turkey, Middle East, Switzerland, Austria)

Thomas Kubicki
(Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden)

Caroline Hartmann
(Belgium, Portugal, Spain)

Véronique Cohen

Contacts Inkjet / Rotation / Production:

Johannes-Peter Horn
Dipl. Ing.