KBC®, Textildruckerei seit 1753
KBC®, Textildruckerei seit 1753


Textile printing house since 1753

KBC is the most ancient and iconic textile printing house of Europe with over 270 years of history. It was established in Germany in 1753. In 2024, Manifatture Edoardo Miroglio acquired the brand KBC and it’s designs archive to develop a retail oriented collection. With new prints coming out every 6 weeks KBC offers to the clients the chance to be always updated to the latest fashion trends.


Reactive digital printing on woven and knitted fabrics

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KBC is specialized in reactive digital printing on woven and knitted fabrics made with cotton, linen, hemp, silk, viscose and polyester. A team of print designers and variantists develop a unique collection of original designs each season, but also is available for customization or brand new creation according to clients need. The brand new printing house is based in Sliven and has a capacity of over 6.000.000 meters

The company Edoardo Miroglio, was born at the beginning of the new millennium, in total contrast with the trend of the textile sector, with the aim of rebuilding a complete and vertically integrated textile supply chain within the European community.

A “Glocal” vision that aims to preserve an European know-how. We believe that producing close to the markets is not only a strategic choice in order to offer a better service, but also a socially and ecologi-cally responsible choice. We are a Family Company, where People are at the center, in a world that is becoming more and more virtual and aseptic.

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Manufactoring is about sustainability


When our company addresses sustainability, we take pride in finding an effective balance between business and accountability. From the source of raw materials, where we seek out the best possible supplier, but emphasize buying from those who consider the entire lifecycle of the product, by all phases of manufacturing where we grant a traceable production chain and proper health and social standard, to considering the entire lifecycle of our products. Our goal to develop an everyday more sustainable way to produce and distribute garments.

QUALITY & TRACEABILITY of raw materials

Following raw materials from the field to the factory, respecting animal welfare, sourcing from certified woodlands and farmers, applying internationally recognized standards.


Efficient use of raw materials and water, minimizing energy consuption and eliminating toxic chemicals from the production process to protect both our workforce and the environment.


Making sure that our products do not release any substance that could irritate the skin or cause any kind of human harm, meeting and exceeding many legislative standards.

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